Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow Traded to New York Jets

Wow. Wow. Just... wow.

Tim Tebow is coming to New York City.

The biggest name in the NFL is coming to the biggest city in the country.

It's going to be nuts. It's going to be crazy. It's going to be wild.

And that's just the tabloid newspaper covers.

Tebow will fit great on a team that has largely been characterized as a bit of a nut-house, because he is one of the best teammates in the NFL -- works hard, wants to win.

If Mark Sanchez has a problem -- and he very well might -- that's Sanchez's problem, not Tebow's. And not the team's. I think Tebow will immediately win over his teammates.

Wow. Of all the destinations....

I go back to one of the truisms of Tebow: Just when you think it can't get any bigger, it does.

Much, much more soon.

-- Dan


  1. "Just when you think it can't get any bigger, it does."

    So true. Tebow Takes Manhattan. Tebow & Lin in the same place. Wow. And, iirc, this means Tim will be in the same state w/Dan. This is a big risk by the Jets. I just hope & pray it works out for Tim. And now I have to root for the Jets, which I'm really not crazy about.

    1. I think Dan moved awhile back. Maybe to the DC area?

  2. Wow, I never saw this coming. I LOVE IT!! It's gonna be CRAZY FUN... and #15 is available!! Woo hoo!!! JETS!!! JETS!!!TEBOW!!!TEBOW!!!

    The guy who invented Tebowing lives in New York too. lol

    Did anybody notice that Tim removed the GB2 = God Bless Go Broncos from his website?

  3. Tim Tebow will absolutely flourish in the NYJ ground & pound offense. This is going to be fun to watch. After 52 years in Denver it feels so good to say; Broncos suck, GO JETS!!!

  4. And now, there's a hitch in this deal that might kill it. Tim could possibly even end up in St Louis. What?

  5. Aw, darn, I like Sam Bradford and don't want two quarterbacks I like to be fighting for the same starting job. I don't know if I should root for the Jets deal to work out or not. They do seem like a nuthouse, but I don't see tons of stable, well-run teams lining up to trade for a quarterback, so I just hope Tim's happy with the idea if it does go through. Tebow to New York was a big surprise, indeed!

  6. Rachel, the Jags are back in play & trying to work a deal w/the Broncos to get Tim, too. But the Rams aren't out of the picture, either. Also, the deal is supposedly considered 'final' b/c the Jets sent out a tweet announcing it. I suppose if both teams were willing to back out of it, they could. But if the Broncos can't get a deal as good as the Jets deal from another team, they might not want to back out of it.

  7. Thanks Brooke! I hope the Jets won't be forced to honor the deal against their will, only because that's a bad way for Tebow to start his time with the team.

    Meanwhile, the best tweet in a while comes from @JeffDarlington: "Man, Tim Tebow reallly knows how to make the fourth quarter interesting."

  8. I hope he goes to JAX, but Jets would be cool too. Tebowmania will be INSANE. Maybe the world's not ready for Tebow and the Jets. haha

  9. NYC and the Jets don't deserve Tebow. Now neither do many teams or fans.

  10. Jets and Tebow fans! Get your very own FiremanTebow T-Shirt!

  11. You guys are nuts this is a terrible trade. U guys are sick for worshipping a football player like this. Honestly i ahve so many reasons why this is a terrible trade on my blog come check it out