Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another View of Tebow vs. Manning

This has been floated around a couple of times over the past few weeks: What if the Broncos signed Peyton Manning and traded Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Jaguars fans and ownership would obviously be thrilled. John Elway and John Fox would be thrilled to finally unburden themselves of a player they don't support.

And, for all his enthusiasm for Denver, Tebow would presumably be happy to return to his hometown and home state (where his support is more rabid than anywhere else) -- and assuredly happy to join a team thrilled to commit to him as their starting QB.

Broncos fans would surely miss Tebow, but it's not like they would be replacing him with a slouch like Brady Quinn or any other inferior QB.

Did the Jaguars just use a first-round pick on Blaine Gabbert? Yes. They can trade him or let him develop slowly as Tebow's backup (before trading him).

But it's not like the plan doesn't make sense. I still think Manning ends up in Miami or Washington, and the entire question is moot -- aside from the signal Elway sends to Tebow and Broncos fans by entertaining the idea of bringing in Peyton Manning in the first place.


  1. I know it won't happen, but I really want Broncos to get Manning so Tebow can go to Jacksonville. This drama is seriously bad. I wanted to give Elway the benefit of a doubt, but I'm with ya now that he's disingenuous.

  2. Washington or Miami? Going to Wash would mean Peyton & Eli would have to play each other twice a year. I've seen press reports that have said Peyton doesn't want to go to any NFC team, b/c it would mean having to play against Eli every year. And going to Miami would mean he'd have to play the Patriots twice each year, run a strong risk of routinely finishing behind the Pats in the AFC East, & would no longer be QB King of the Division (Brady would have that title). If the anti-NFC reports are true, it seems like the right division for him would be the AFC West-he would be QB King of the Division the second he signed the contract. I can't imagine Peyton wanting to play in The Black Hole and the Raiders just spent a lot of $ & picks on Palmer. The Chargers will most likely stick w/Rivers. So that leaves the Chiefs & the Broncos. So I do think the Broncos stand a VERY strong chance at getting him, especially if he's on friendly terms w/Elway.

    Some reports are saying that the Broncos would dump Tebow to get Peyton. But does Peyton want to lose some of his commercial appeal by being known as the egotist who ran the most popular player in the NFL out of town? Or would he assume that he'll play well enough to keep the Tebowmaniacs quiet & rather be thought of as the benevolent, patient tutor of the most popular player in the NFL (even if he's actually not teaching him anything)?

    As for being traded to the Jaguars, doesn't Tim have some say in where he would be traded, given the fact that he was a 1st round pick?

  3. This whole thing is crap! Lets do what arizona did went they brought in Warner. After his three years manning will leave them and have, to start all over instead of keeping a qb that has Tremendous upside and showed he's capable. All teams show no loyalty! I mean orton played his way out! Tebow should, has earned, the same right! Have been a Broncos fan for 14 years but may have seen my last game!

  4. At the end of the day its a business. People are going to look out for themselves to keep their job instead of for someone else. In the NFL, unless the starter is an entrenched player in his prime new management usually want their own people. Tebow was drafted by Josh McDanels not Elway. Once Josh McDanels was fired it was only a matter of time that Elway would try to get rid of Tebow and bring in his own person at quarterback.

  5. It's Pat Bowlen's team. Pat Bowlen is old. Pat Bowlen wants to/needs to win now. Give them PM and let TT sit and learn (or go elsewhere to play). In the end, it is all God's will...the Tebows should know that by now.