Monday, November 28, 2011

Tebow Leads Broncos Past Chargers

Another week, another win.

That's what we're looking at here. John Fox can abandon Tebow on 4th-and-short in OT. John Elway can flash the fakest big-tooth smile in the world.

Tim Tebow just keeps winning.

Not sure how many folks thought the Broncos would go into San Diego and win, but when it became clear the defense would keep it close, it was also clear Tebow Time would arrive again.

It's a pretty good blueprint: Tebow + McGahee + clutch catches by Eric Decker + a monstrous defense = Wins, and plenty of them.

What we're left with now is the idea that it's not unreasonable to expect the Broncos to win 4 of their final 5 games (all except a Sunday Night game vs. the Pats), which should be enough to win the AFC West. Not a bad turnaround from the team's 1-5 start before Tebow became the starter.

My favorite anecdote from yesterday's game comes from Mark Kiszla, who broke the story that Tebow addressed the team on Saturday night (and credit to John Fox for asking him to) and Tebow hit them with some Old Testament -- my favorite kind of Tebow.

Tebow cited Proverbs 27:17 -- roughly, iron sharpens iron and men sharpen other men. The team believes in Tebow. Tebow, of course, believes in himself.

Really: At this point, does it even matter what Fox and Elway think?

Another week, another win. And another week, another week of Tebow hysteria.

-- Dan


  1. I hear ya, Dan! LOVE the Proverbs verse Tebow pulled out. And it definitely STILL appears that both Elway and Fox are ready to throw Tebow under the bus the first chance they get. But of course, the Broncos keep winning, so they're (for the most part) keeping their mouths shut.

  2. I hope they win the next 5. New England is not invincible.

  3. Dan, have you seen any simulations on which games the Raiders have to lose and the Broncos have to win for them to win the AFC West?

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