Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tebow In This Week's Sports Illustrated

From Peter King, analyzing the Broncos' potential to draft a QB next spring: "Smart teams maximize their players' skills. Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy stopped forcing a square peg into a round hole when he made Denver option-centric. There's no reason he can't stay with the option in 2012, whether Tebow's the starter or merely the league's most compelling relief pitcher."

A brief response: This certainly makes sense. But I'm not sure Elway or Fox can bring in a rookie QB and expect them to co-exist with Tebow. For starters, Tebow would be the starting QB until the rookie got up to speed -- there's no way they would start a rookie QB from Week 1 ahead of Tebow, who has proven himself entirely capable of winning games. Second, I'm not sure it's fair to Tebow to keep him as some sort of option option; he would absolutely do whatever the team wanted him to, but just as much, he certainly deserves a shot at starting somewhere, even if his next team ultimately decided against using him as a full-time starter.

In this week's SI, there is also a feature about Tebow where reporter Alan Shipnuck basically collects a variety of pronouncements about Tebow -- from Twitter, from TV analysts, from newspaper reporters -- and streams them together to show the range of heated opinion about him. I'm all for curation, but I'm still waiting for SI's definitive Tebow piece -- you would think that off of last Thursday night, they could have prepared one.

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