Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Tim Tebow, Less John Fox

Let's not be too quick to praise John Fox for his "revolutionary" shift in strategy with Tim Tebow.

Frankly, Fox should have been contemplating (if not installing) this months ago -- you get the feeling that one of his coaches brought it to him a few weeks ago, and he was like "Oh! Well, uh, why not?"

Let's give Fox credit for actually trying it -- for a while, I figured his commitment to orthodox NFL thinking was going to last all season. Now, Fox seems to be enjoying the credit and attention.


  1. Totally agree, Darlington's article reads like Fox is taking all the credit, as if he were to say, "I knew all along what we have with Timmy". His comments about Tim being "screwed" running a regular offense are a little out of line and certainly not what any player needs to hear, then again, Tim isn't just any player.

  2. Here is a great article from the Washington Post.

  3. Steve Young BLASTED Fox yesterday on NFL Live going so far as to say that the comments are a flat out admission that he does NOT think Tebow can play QB successfully in this league and the "let's see what we've got here with Tim" plan is entirely out the window for the sake of making Fox look good. Understandably, Fox wants to win games, but even he says he doesn't believe the current offense can be successful long term. Imagine the CEO of a major company explaining to his board that he is planning to purposely ignore the path that will lead the organization to long term success for the sake of turning a slightly improved profit today. How long do you think that CEO keeps his job?