Thursday, December 9, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Urban Meyer Reunion?

I am not in any sort of position to make a definitive claim, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that NO, there is NO CHANCE that Urban Meyer becomes the coach of the Denver Broncos.

Does Urban believe that Tim Tebow has the potential to be a very effective NFL quarterback? Absolutely. Does he think he could, if given the reins, make it happen? Absolutely.

But that doesn't mean that he wants everything that goes along with those reins -- coaching the Broncos is a lot more than coaching Tebow.

Tim Tebow needs one thing: A coach who believes in him enough to give him the ball -- in limited (if innovative) ways at first, then full-time.

In other words, he needs a coach that is LIKE Urban Meyer -- if not ACTUALLY Urban Meyer.


  1. A perfect match would be Tim Tebow and Bill Belichick.
    Not a doubt in my mind.
    Someone please make it happen!!!

  2. ^^ I wish. When I watched Brady tear up the Jets I shook my head. Tim is supposed to be modeling himself after Orton? The fans consider the Broncos an elite team, one player away from the superbowl and (to most) that player is now Luck. McD drafted Tim and should have taken him with him when he left, he hasn't played because he is soooo bad McD wouldn't put him on the field for more than 1 play at a time. The front office is so messed up they might do anything. They announced no changes now (no Tim) because it's very important to win the last 4 games so that the running backs coach acting as interim HC can show well for the permanent position.

    What "good coach" would come to Denver? So, you work on the Pats and I'll channel Gruden or Dungy coming to take Tim to their new team.

  3. No way Urban coaches Denver. It's all about family for now.

  4. As a lifetime, born-and-raised Denver Broncos fan I have to say that even the most casual Broncos fan would NEVER say that the team is one player(Andrew Luck) away from being "elite". The defense is 8-10 players away from being average. While McDaniels' leaving probably isn't the best scenario for Tim, you have to consider that the organization spent a first round pick on the guy. The QB position in the NFL is overrun with very average players. Look at the situation in Tennessee. The Titans have spent 5 years trying to make it work with Vince Young. It's ridiculous to think the Broncos wouldn't give Tebow even 2 years, considering he's playing behind a guy who is having a Pro Bowl/career year.

    Now if we can just get people to STOP with the Gruden talk, we can start to get things headed in the right direction. Gruden has said repeatedly that he loves doing MNF. The Troy Calhoun (AF Academy) rumors sound better than Gruden. At least we know Tebow would get a chance to run the ball out of the Triple Option.

  5. Dan, I've been reading 2 message boards (Orange Mane and Broncos Country) and the Denver Post since last April. People can and do post many comments exactly like I said. I was astonished that fans would ditch Tebow (trade him) and want to draft Luck for a team with no defense.

  6. Different sites reflect different types of fans. Over at, they not only want Tim to get more playing time, many of them want him to be given the chance to start. Here's just one example:

    Most MHR fans (rightly, imho) see the problem w/the team as primarily being the defense, O-line, & running game.