Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Not For Short Yardage

I'm a little baffled by Josh McDaniels' insistence on not using Tim Tebow in short-yardage situations:
"We're not going to do that in short yardage. People who mention that, I don't know, that's ridiculous."
You could make the case that suggesting that the team use Tebow in short-yardage situations is no more ridiculous than a coach rejecting any possible solution to a team's glaring problem.

Here's what I mean: You would think that given the Broncos' inadequacy in short-yardage situations, McDaniels would be MORE open to new, out-of-the-box ideas, not less.

Tebow being drafted by McDaniels once looked so promising, because it would take a fearless, innovative coach to take advantage of Tebow's unique skills -- particularly this season.

If McDaniels won't even consider experimenting with Tebow -- mocking the mere idea of it as "ridiculous" -- then he is probably not the coach we thought he was.

There is still time. Perhaps as the losing continues, creativity with Tebow will seem less absurd to McDaniels.

He might want to pay attention to what Urban Meyer is doing with a rookie quarterback down at Tebow's old stomping grounds.


  1. Lawrence Burton III: In three years, we just might be comparing every body to him instead of TT!!!

  2. Dan, I totally agree with you. I'm shocked by McDaniels' statement in that article. I just wonder what he is thinking? It seems like someone kidnapped the old coach and replaced him with someone new. Is he afraid that Tebow will get hurt again if he puts him in the red zone? Is he seriously not ready? What in the world is going on? I will be watching how this all plays out...especially if the losing continues.
    Kudos to Tebow for staying positive, working hard, and reaching out to the Denver youth to help them while he continues to only see the field from the sidelines.

  3. I'm perfectly fine if Tebow doesn't take a single snap the rest of the year. It isn't because McDaniels doesn't believe in Tebow, but because he knows Tebow is his future. This is a young team on offense. He can afford a year or two of rebuilding the O, getting key players like Tebow up to NFL par.

    Also, the more he runs up Kyle Orton's stats, the more value McDanials can get for him from a QB-less team like the Raiders or Cardinals -- which he can leverage into rebuilding his aging, and shallow, D.

    McDaniels isn't less innovative than you thought; he's just more calculating than emotional. He'd rather lose now, if it increases his ability to win more later.

  4. Oh Obfuscator, I hope it takes one to know one.

  5. I'm still hoping that McDaniels doesn't want to tip his hat & give away his game plans. Diverson?

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  7. As a Patriots fan, I know exactly how McDaniels is. He's not innovative or creative at all, he's a pretty bread-and-butter guy who just happened to have way too many talent to tinker with as an OC. Most would've done better in his shoes. His gameplans are very predictable, his passing game is vanilla and his running schemes are mediocre at best. Short yardage with him is just a waste of time, and Laurence Maroney is the perfect back for failing short yardage attempts.
    Cheers, and go Tebow :)