Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tebow Shoe That Got Away:
"Tebow Knows?" Alas: Tebows, No.

The limited-edition Nike Trainer 1.2 collaboration with EA Sports featuring Tim Tebow -- aka "the Tebow shoe" -- was released at approximately 1:50 a.m. ET last night on

The shoe sold out in just a few minutes.

I had been sitting with my laptop since around 10 p.m., compulsively hitting "refresh" every few minutes, in anticipation of the "August 6" release at midnight or so.

Midnight came and went. Then 1 a.m. came and went. It was unclear when they would be released on the site. At 1:30, I was lying on the couch.

At 1:45 or so, I dozed off.

At 1:50, the shoes released. (1:50, get it?)

By 2, they were gone.

I woke up startled at 2:20 to a bunch of IMs about the release -- I didn't check their time-stamps; I thought they were live. I rushed to the site and refreshed the page -- no shoe.

Then I checked when the IMs were sent... D'oh! After all that, perfectly poised to buy the shoes within 10 seconds they were released...

...I had slept through it -- and missed out.

Suffice to say, I was most definitely not asleep the next few hours, tossing and turning over my fumble.

I suppose the shoes will make their way to eBay -- they could be bought for $90 but I suspect they will be dangled for much more -- but I was going to get them last night.

There is also a cool "Tebow Knows" T-shirt (a play on the old "Bo Knows" tagline for the original Nike Trainers) that was supposed to release last night but didn't. Look for that at some point.

But as for the shoes?

"Tebows? No."

Note: Writing this post was only midly cathartic.

(Update: My consolation prize -- only small consolation, I can assure you -- was ordering a "Tebow Knows" T-shirt. Here's the link.)


  1. Found 3 pairs on Ebay this morning. All were listed as a "Buy it now", so there's a set price.

    The cheapest: $399
    The highest priced: $999

    A little too rich for my blood. Oh well.

  2. Eastbay has the shoes on backorder.

  3. does anyone know if tebow wears shoes like this too? i mean has he been seen or photographed wearing them?

  4. i have always said that tebow is a much better athlete than bo jackson, deion sanders, michael jordan, etc. it would be soo cool if he started playing pro baseball or basketball

  5. What are you talking about! Yes, Tim could dominate at any sport but the injury risk is just TOO great. Maybe once he has broken all of Elway's Bronco records (and most NFL records!) then he can give the NBA a try. Can't you just see it - Tim (in THOSE shoes!) lining up with Lebron and Crew in Miami in a few years! BAM!!!

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