Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Real Camp Begins Now

The best of the weekend links about Tim Tebow as we look ahead to today's first official (full-team, full-contact) Broncos training camp session, with Tebow continuing to be the headliner....

"I'm out here now and I don't have to worry about anything except playing football."

*Great column from AOL's Fanhouse from Tebow's first extended discussion with the media. Money quote:

"I think I've somewhat had pressure on me the last few years. I don't really ever think about it because all I really worry about is what I can control -- my attitude, my effort, my focus. Those are things I can control. I can't control anything else. So, I'm really not even going to think about it."

*Woody Paige wins the morning with the only column from the trio of Post columnists (Paige, Krieger, Kiszla) who actually bases his analysis on some statistical solid ground, not to mention good old-fashioned reporting. The upshot? The Broncos would have the best shot at long-term success with Tebow at QB by having him play as many snaps as possible as a rookie -- even starting games, even if it means struggling in the short-term.

*Still, we get a thoughtful column by the DP's Mark Krieger, but the jokes and comments about the horde of media around him are cliched, particularly if you are only feeding into it by writing yet another column about Tebow. He's popular. Fans want to hear about him. Get over it.

(Speaking of which, check out this photo at Mile High Report.)

*The Sentinel's George Diaz treads on familiar ground -- how can people hate Tim Tebow? -- but he brings up all of the spot-on arguments. Money quote:

"No question there's a lot of love for him out there, and the kissy-poo infatuation can go overboard. But a lot of people loathe him simply because he's a great football player, a nice guy, and has received a ton of good publicity because of the things that he does. The pop psychology spin goes deeper than the obvious Gator-hater backlash."

*Why am I so sure that Tim Tebow will succeed? Because his coach loves him and will put him in a position to succeed.

*MaxDenver's report from practice on Friday.

*Catch up on all of Tebow's and McDaniels' quotes from Friday through the fine work of the OnlyGators crew. Nothing from either that you wouldn't expect -- but it's all very key to read through anyway.

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