Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Greg Cosell Not a Fan

Suffice to say, NFL Matchup creator and producer Greg Cosell isn't a big Tim Tebow fan.

Cosell's main complaints about Tebow -- arm strength, looping delivery, timing, footwork -- are well-trod territory. Frankly, it was pretty pedestrian analysis back in January, let alone offered up in June.

You would hope someone with Cosell's nuanced understanding of the NFL would dig a little deeper than the same analysis I'd get from a random lug sitting on a barstool.

Here are a few things I'd love to hear from Cosell:

*What does he think of Tebow's progress and development since college? Does Tebow's steep development curve -- as every NFL rookie QB has had to follow -- indicate anything?

*What does he think of the idea of coaches creating offensive innovations that undermine NFL orthodoxy and build on a QB's strengths?

Given that NFL Matchup can't find a sponsor and could very well be canceled, I will resist the temptation to drop in a cheap joke riffing on Cosell's opinion, like: "On film, there is very little in NFL Matchup's offerings that translates well at this point to generating enough of a TV audience to survive as a show."

See, that's unfair: I enjoy NFL Matchup a lot. It is smart. It doesn't talk down to viewers. In Cosell's own words, it has what you might call questionable TV mechanics, delivery and timing that doesn't show the kind of characteristics demanded of in today's TV landscape.

Let's hope that it finds a sponsor and a good time slot. I want NFL Matchup to be on the air to break down the Xs and Os when Tebow succeeds in the Broncos offense.

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