Friday, June 11, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Friday Workouts

The most colorful -- and corroborating -- details from Peter King's long story in SI about Tim Tebow's development under Josh McDaniels were about Tebow's obsession with doing whatever it takes to improve. We talked about this before the draft: No player in the NFL will work harder than Tebow, period.

As reports from Broncos practice today filter out -- mostly through the intrepid tweeting of the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin, out in Denver on assignment, before he leaves the Gator beat full-time for the Dolphins beat -- Tebow is leading the team in practice-ending suicide sprints and taking post-practice snaps with coaches and receivers.

Tebow displays an insatiable appetite to get better. It seems inevitable that he will not just succeed ultimately, but put himself in a position to contribute to the team as a rookie.

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  1. I read something yesterday that said he takes like 175 snaps AFTER everyone else goes home.