Thursday, June 3, 2010

Broncos Tebow: The Folly of Kiszla

At this point, Denver Post designated "anti-Tebow" columnist Mark Kiszla can't possibly believe what he is writing -- if he ever did. It's all a big piece of satire, right?

Today's column -- linking Tim Tebow to the NBA Finals by comparing him, negatively, to Kobe Bryant -- is so off-the-mark as to be pretty close to needing a formal correction in the paper.

To suggest Tebow lacks Kobe's killer instinct? It is like Kiszla has never watched Tebow play a game at Florida.

For Kiszla to link Tebow's faith or off-field behavior to a soft, anti-competitive nature is condescending and, worse, intellectually lazy.

Even Tebow's least-biggest fans among college football pundits, experts and fans will agree that he is the most competitive player to ever play college football.

Let's go back to my favorite Tebow play ever: The unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty against Oklahoma in the 2008 national championship game, where Tebow got up from a game-sealing play (one of many) and threw the Gator Chomp in Nic Harris' face.

It was so seemingly out-of-character, yet totally humanizing and entirely affirmative of Tebow's ultimate competitiveness.

If I was writing a column about the work ethic of sports columnists, I might make a broad-based generalization that Kiszla is lazy, while other, more competitive columnists actually do legwork.

Apparently, Kiszla is way too focused on building a "brand" as The Anti-Tebow Guy. The more he writes, the more cynical the attempt is revealed to be.

I couldn't care less if sports media folks want to critique Tebow -- go back into the Teblog archives to the days following the Mississippi State game. Is it too much to ask to see something smart?

Consider this my unsportsmanlike Gator Chomp in Kiszla's direction.


  1. I second the Gator Chomp on Kiszla.

  2. Sounds like all the people I work with who think Tebow won't see a single snap this year...

  3. I wonder how many cub scouts have run over Eric Berry...

  4. Can anyone tell me where I can find Dan's interview he had with Tebow? Thank you kindly.

  5. He hasn't posted it yet on this site. I haven't seen it on his site, either, although I might have missed it. I've been assuming that Dan might ultimately sell it as an article/interview instead of just posting it here or on his other blogs.