Friday, June 4, 2010

Broncos Tebow: 3rd String, Officially

Tim Tebow is officially "QB3" on the Broncos, after the team released Tom Brandstater. Tebow had taken snaps at the last mini-camp as the No. 3 QB, so this was hardly a surprise.

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  1. Dan, there is something that I think would be cool to look into if you could get a hold of Tebow's old high school coach.

    I think I have figured out what makes Tebow so dominant, 2 abilities he has that work together perfectly to make him unstoppable.

    1. He had one of the best deep passes in college football.

    2. He was called the best short yardage runner in college football.

    These 2 skills are what makes him impossible to defend. If a defense tries to stop his running it opens the pass. If a defense tries to stop the pass it opens the run.

    What I am wondering though is who developed this ability with Tebow. Was it planned by his high school coach? Or was it just something Tebow instinctively figured out for himself and worked on to perfect?

    It seems as if Tebow must have focused on his ability to pass the ball deep because it is so much more developed than other aspects of his passing.

    But I think people not understanding how Tebow's skills are so perfectly suited to football is the reason why he is so controversial. It doesn't seem fair someone like Tebow could be better than a Mike Vick or Peyton manning who are great at certain aspects of the game.. Tebow just happens to have this freakish combination of skills that no one has ever had before and that perfectly complement each other and that make him completely unstoppable. The only way to beat him is to try to build another Tebow.