Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Tebow Knows His Place

Yeah, yeah: Tim Tebow is "4th" on the depth chart. Much more notable, his attention to detail -- going so far as to shadow Kyle Orton's motions -- and his eagerness to perform the traditional roles of the NFL rookie, like carrying the veterans' helmets. That is the quick way to earn their respect and trust: Knowing your place. And, by every account, Tebow knows his place.

Meanwhile, Denver Post columnist Dave Krieger sets a new standard for deploying a straw man for an argument, pushing this line that "everyone" is comparing Tebow to John Elway, when "everyone" clearly is not.

Just because someone in the OTA media horde asks Tebow about John Elway doesn't mean that it is a popular comparison. It's a pretty cynical (and entirely tenuous) ploy by Krieger to link Tebow to Elway, with a spice of spite thrown in. Trust me: In my other job, I'm a national sports columnist, so the technique is entirely familiar.

I'm sure it will be the most-viewed piece on DenverPost.com, which will make Krieger and his editors happy. Look: If Krieger disagrees with Woody Paige's bullishness on Tebow, shouldn't he skip the charade and address the column to Paige?

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