Friday, April 9, 2010

NFL Tebow: The Vikings Theory

For those reading the pre-draft tea leaves about where Tim Tebow might be drafted -- and by whom -- some very good fodder today:

Brad Childress will be a special guest at Urban Meyer's annual coaching clinic today in Gainesville. While he is there, Childress will watch Tim Tebow work out.

Let's review the circumstantial evidence of a fit:

*The Vikings have the 30th pick of the 1st round of the draft, which would allow them to leapfrog the scrum at the top of the 2nd round. It also jibes with the emerging conventional wisdom that Tebow will get taken before the 1st round is over.

*The Vikings have a need at the position: They do not have an imminent -- this season -- need for a QB, but they do have an eventual need, as early as 2011.

The notion of Brett Favre mentoring Tebow is probably enough to implode the minds of the many who dislike both Favre and Tebow. It is the ultimate Venn Diagram of Schadenfreude.

*Childress is obviously close with Meyer: When he asks Meyer about Tebow and Meyer tells him Tebow is the greatest football player he has ever coached, it will resonate.

*Childress has done well with Florida players: He picked Percy Harvin last year, and don't forget, Harvin was considered a "controversial" pick (right up until he got on the field).

*Tebow won't be around when the Vikings pick again at the end of the 2nd round. And he may very well be gone in the last picks of the 1st round -- certainly the first few picks of the 2nd.

*Non-football considerations: Beyond the winning, I think that the Vikings saw what kind of attention they got for having Brett Favre; that would continue with Tebow on the team.

(Don't get me wrong: I have become convinced that teams won't spend a 1st-round pick -- or even a 2nd-round pick -- on a marketing gimmick. But Tebow presents unique p.r. upside, in addition to his substantial upside as a player prospect.)

It's not like Childress is making a special trip down to Gainesville to see Tebow. But, circumstantially, the evidence is enough to put the Vikings in the Tebow derby.


  1. Tim Tebow + Brett Favre's gunslinging mentality = EPIC FAIL.

    Seriously, if Tebow "learns" from Favre from a year or two, it could just as easily destroy his career as improve it.

  2. I've never been a Favre fan and I can't see him being any sort of mentor figure to Tebow. Favre did little to help out Rodgers.

  3. Difference with Favre and Rodgers is that Favre wasn't ready to leave then so he had a reason not to mentor him. Not the case with Tebow. IN FACT... Tebow could help Favre WIN a championship by reducing the amount of abuse Favre takes.

    Why do you thin Peyton Manning was lobbying for Tebow recently? In today's game you need all the help you can get.. doesn't matter if you are Brett Favre or Peyton Manning or Joe Montana. That's why the Saints were onside kicking in the Superbowl.

    Also, I actually think Tebow could use some of Favre's gunslinger mentality.. the problem Tebow had in college is that because he was so good running and so efficient as a QB it allowed him to play ULTRA conservatively. I think this may have created some bad habits for Tebow.. and this is a big reason he is considered inconsistent because he would throw the ball where he knew it wouldn't get intercepted by being so conservative rather than having to throw like a normal QB - in rhythm, on time and in position. Tebow became too concerned with throwing interceptions. I think to be a QB in the NFL you have to have some of Favre's gunslinger mentality, to an extent.

  4. I am very excited about the prospect of Tim becoming a Viking. I hope this happens.

  5. Im a huge colts n gators fan n i think the vikings would be a great fit of the running game a qb best friend but uf he went to the colts i would love it

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    Here is an interesting article written by Jonathan Comey. I think it is a great analysis and ,I could not agree more with the article (see Notes on 2 quarterbacks). If I were to pick a quarterback,I will take Tim over Bradford or Clausen anytime.I strongly feel Tim will be a tremendous asset to any team and will contribute in any way he can to the team in in getting wins plus his intangibles and marketablity are off the roof. He is an investment that will surely reap returns on and off the field. I hope Brad Childress and the Vikings will draft Tim. Adrian peterson,Percy Harvin,Sidney Rice and Tim Tebow will be a monster offensive team.

  8. Thanks for the link, Belinda.

  9. I really hope this is true. I've been pushing the "Tebow to Vikings" theory since the beginning of last season. It is so obviously a perfect fit: the Vikings need a QB soon. They have a great offense, and an aging great at QB who would be the *perfect* mentor for Tebow (a QB who himself had to sit his first couple of seasons). I've always felt Tebow needed a good team to lead, and a offensive staff willing to first teach him, then deploy him creatively. The Vikings have both of that.

    And, let's face it: the world needs more of the Tebow-Harvin show.

    I am excited at this possibility, more than any other scenario.