Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tim Tebow Scores 22 on Wonderlic

It's that time of the pre-draft season: When Wonderlic scores are leaked. Tim Tebow scored a 22, which is on the low side of the average of 24. Jimmy Clausen scored a 23, for gosh sake. Sam Bradford scored a 36! (The max score is 50.)

Now, Wonderlics are famous for not necessarily predicting anything -- see Vince Young, not to mention Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino, the two most prominent Wonderlic duds.

But as with everything else during this draft season, Tim Tebow's score will be THE headliner of the meme. What does it all mean? Not much, but I'm sure draftniks will find a way to make it a negative.

UPDATE: Points to Volin for digging up the data to compare Tebow's score to the 30 starting QBs in the NFL.


  1. David Garrard had a 13.. so Tebow would be a big upgrade there!

    Is this test culturally biased as well? Tebow being homeschooled could be a big factor in this. It takes a lifetime of experience to understand the double-speak of standardized testing.

  2. I looked up a sample Wonderlic test. It seems they are testing for a very specific type of analytical skills. And if you are not used to those types of questions, I just don't think you are going to score very well. With the version I found on the internet, it seemed that about every question was a trick question, and then about every 6th one was just blatantly obvious. And if you aren't naturally gifted when it comes to math - forget it....

  3. I've been a teacher for 6 years, have only ever taught standardized testing grade levels. The fact that he was homeschooled and not used to standardized testing I'm sure, plays a big factor in this. So honestly, don't think his score is that bad based on his background and it's 50 questions in 12 minutes so you really have to have good test taking strategies.

  4. Let's not forget that his entire education isn't just home schooling. He went to a prestigious university for four years as well.