Monday, March 8, 2010

NFL Tebow: Seahawks, Bills Interested?

Tim Tebow's NFL Draft "Pro Day" in Gainesville on March 17 will be a huge deal -- the biggest NFL Draft story between now and the NFL Draft itself -- but don't discount the news of individual workouts he will schedule with specific teams.

For example, there's a report about both the Seahawks and the Bills scheduling private sessions with Tebow, which begs a few questions:

*Are they eyeing Tebow for the 1st round? As both have Top 10 picks, that can't possibly be right, so they are probably trying to see if they need to figure out a way to take him at the top of the 2nd. (I think that if he was available then, the Bills would jump.)

*My presumption was that Tebow didn't fit the profile of a "Pete Carroll QB" -- Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley... even Matt Cassel. These are standard, drop-back, "prototype" and "NFL-style" QBs. That isn't Tebow. Interesting.

Regardless, keep an eye on the teams lining up Tebow for private workouts. Maybe they are merely indulging their owners or want to draft off the p.r. buzz that comes with being in Tebow's gravitational pull, but maybe they are signaling a very real interest.


  1. I've been hearing on the NFL Network for weeks that the Seahawks are seriously interested in drafting a QB. When I first heard this, I remembered that Tebow was heavily recruited by Carroll. In fact, USC was supposedly 3rd on Tebow's list of schools he'd go to, after UF & Alabama. And doesn't Seattle have either 2 first-round picks, or 2 2nd-round picks?

  2. Seattle has 2 first round picks. And you are right that Pete Carroll recruited Tebow heavily, but I doubt that he is looking into drafting Tim in the first round right now. I think this is more about taking a look at every QB available in the draft and evaluating them than it is about serious interest in Tebow. I'm sure both the Bills and Seahawks have Clausen and Bradford ahead of Tebow on their board right now.

    Same thing with the Bills even though Jim Kelly said he'd like to see Tebow drafted by the Bills. Unless Tebow shows dramatic improvement at his pro-day AND Bradford underwhelms than I don't see Tebow being drafted that high right now.

  3. dan, any updates about jacksonville taking tebow with the 10th/11th pick? i thought you said many times it was a sure thing.

  4. And the new QB coach in Seattle is a UF alumni, former Gator Grad Assistant who no doubt has very close ties with the program and some sort of relationship with Tebow

  5. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

  6. The Seahawks have traded one of their backup QBs to the Browns: