Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tim Tebow's Florida/College Career Ends
With a Virtually Perfect Bowl Performance

"Tim Tebow will go down as one of the best -- if not the best -- player in the history of college football."

-- Urban Meyer on 2010 Sugar Bowl MVP Tim Tebow, in the final game of his college football career, one of the most impressive of his career (if we thought that was possible).

533 total yards -- a BCS bowl record -- including 31/35 passing for 482 yards, with 3 TDs and 0 INTs, plus 51 yards rushing and a TD in a 51-24 dismantling of (then-)No. 3 Cincinnati.

It was a record-smashing, virtually perfect performance -- beyond playing for a national title, it is hard to think of a better game for Tim Tebow to end his career on.

I particularly liked a couple of things:

(1) That he did it so predominantly through the air. It was almost like an intentional tweak to the NFL draft experts who claim he can't play QB in the NFL. (So much more on that later.)

(2) That he set his own individual career single-game highs for passing yards and completions, along the way breaking the BCS bowl record for total yards by a single player.

(3) That he had a couple of brilliant TD passes (the one to Deonte Thompson stands out), but also that before he got his own rushing TD, he had selfless pitches to Emmanuel Moody, who ran in for scores.

(4) The Fox "Tebow Cam" was fascinating viewing (if annoyingly running a few seconds ahead of the TV broadcast). And it was the No. 1 hottest search on Google tonight -- just ahead of Tebow's eye-black tonight for his final college game: Ephesians 2:8-10.

Again: This doesn't erase the memory or sting of the loss to Alabama. But insofar as there's nothing you can do about that, this was the ideal coda - the ideal way to go out.

So much to discuss ahead: The legacy, the NFL draft preparation and scuttlebutt, the enormous potential for lucrative endorsement relationships. Plenty of time to get to that.

For now, I concur with Meyer: Tim Tebow is the greatest college football player of all time, and he illustrated why in his final game.

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  1. Still think Tebow can't be a full-time QB in the NFL, Dan?

    This is how Tebow could have passed in the SEC too IF he actually had SEC caliber runners his entire time in the SEC.