Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tim Tebow's Agent: Jimmy Sexton

Tim Tebow has selected his agent: Jimmy Sexton.

Sexton's biggest client is Philip Rivers -- not a bad model to emulate. Per Fowler, Sexton also reps some of the SEC's top coaches: Saban, Kiffin, Spurrier, Nutt.

As I was mentioning in yesterday's post
, Sexton will have a unique challenge: Scouts will grade Tebow as a 2nd-rounder; the reality is that he will be a 1st-rounder.

Sexton will have at least a few teams picking in the 1st round who will have interest in Tebow. Among the more popular names: The Redskins, the Bills, the Pats and -- of course -- the Jags.

(I would actually say that Pete Carroll becoming president and coach of the Seahawks almost assuredly spikes any chance the Seahawks would use either of their 1st-round picks on Tebow.)

If there will be plenty of interest in Tebow in the 1st round, Sexton's biggest challenge will be to find the right FIT for Tebow -- the team that is willing to invest in developing him into a full-time QB, while also comfortable enough to deploy him creatively in the short term.

While an agent's incentive is almost always to maximize value for their clients, in this case I think that it is critical that Sexton maxmize fit.

And, for his part, I hope that Tebow tells his agent that he absolutely will not hold out, even if it means missing out on a few dollars. Sign quickly, and get to work.

Tebow will be in a unique position of earning so much money from endorsements that a marginal couple hundred thousand (or even million) dollars shouldn't matter, relative to signing and getting his pro development started, earning a ton of cred with fans in the process.


  1. Dan - I'm a gator alum and love your column. But I think we need to face reality that Tebow is not even a first day pick. He and Danny Wuerfful (sp) were great college qbs. But tebow will follow the same fate in the nfl.

  2. I think the endorsement potential is overestimated in this case. Outside of the Gator fans, I don't think Tebow has the staying power you think he does, but time will prove you right or wrong. Also, he has to stay relevent and a winner to maintain those endorsements. The endorsement window is small if his career is short and unremarkable. If he is successful, his endorsement power may be there, but it is not guaranteed.

  3. Yeah, I gotta admit Dan, I'm not feeling the heavy-duty endorsement thing coming on right away. I'm sure you're going to come up with someone, but I can't recall a rookie who came out rocking with endorsements his first year.

  4. There's already one product he would be perfect for: Gatorade.

  5. Sexton's his agent? He's probably already a finalist for Georgia's DC, the Southern Cal HC and Secretary of Homeland Security.

  6. Good call Larry, I knew there was something obvious I was missing.

  7. I can imagine him being in an ESPN commercial in his rookie year-I assume the athletes in those commercials get paid for them.
    But he's probably not going to get many endorsement deals right away (the only NFL rookie that had an endorsement deal I can think of is Reggie Bush & I might be wrong about that). But he still shouldn't hold out for more money at the expense of getting started asap. If he goes where he fits the best, he'll most likely be successful. Which will eventually lead to him having more endorsement deals than even Peyton, so he-& his charities-won't be hurting for money.