Thursday, January 28, 2010

NFL Tebow: The Case For Success's terrific Bruce Feldman tackled the Tebow debate in his column today (Insider subscription needed), and he brought in an NFL scout to dis, then ESPN colleague Seth Wickersham to make the point I've been trying to make (Seth does it more eloquently): The context of where Tebow lands matters... a lot. Here's Wickersham:

Fact is, nobody knows how Tebow will do in the pros.

There are too many unknown variables. Nobody knows where he'll be picked, or what pressure he'll be under to play immediately. Nobody knows who his coach will be, or the level of his surrounding talent. That stuff matters, more than many I-told-you-so scouts want to admit.

The knocks against Tebow -- that he has a slow release, doesn't read defenses quickly, and played in an offense that doesn't translate to the pros -- are the same things scouts once said about Steve Young and Mark Brunell, the two quarterbacks most analogous to Tebow. Those guys had great college careers and were panned before coming into the pros. They were lucky to be drafted by quarterback gurus (Bill Walsh and Mike Holmgren) who believed in them and invested in their success. Despite what many close-minded scouts will lead you to believe, a quarterback can actually, you know, improve in the pros.

The Tebow of today will not be the Tebow of 2013, if he enters the right situation. I'm not advocating Tebow as a top-10 pick -- or even a first-rounder. He's got potential, and you can't dismiss him so quickly. If Tebow is drafted by an open-minded quarterback guru like Mike Shanahan, Norv Turner, Bill Belichick or Josh McDaniels -- a patient teacher who will make Tebow his pet project -- how can you believe any scout who says he doesn't have a chance to turn out?

See the whole thing here. Very interesting perspectives.

By the way, Only Gators has a comprehensive round-up of all of the various things that the "experts" have been saying about Tebow this week. Definitely worth a look.

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  1. I have a really weird idea that might actually be ideal for Tebow in the NFL...

    Let's say we use Vince Young and the Titans as an example of how to use Tebow. People say Tebow could never stay healthy playing the style he does in college in the NFL.. but what if Tebow wa sin Vince Young's place. So you use Kerry Collins as the starting Qb throughout the regular season.. and use Tebow as a situational Wildcat-Thundercat Qb at opportune times in the regular season. Just like they did in Tebow's first season with the Gators.

    So they do this to get in the playoffs.. THEN when they get in the playoffs they use Tebow JUST like he did as a starter throughout his Florida career.

    I am thinking Tebow would dominate.

    I'm thinking Tebow would take less punishment in a NFL season this way than he did as a starter for Florida all season.. and he could be even MORE dominant,

    I truly think this idea might just be crazy enough to work.

    The way you could do it is to increase Tebow's playing time the closer you get towards the end of the season and by the playoffs he is ready to play full time and the team is accustomed to him. This could revolutionize how the QB position is played in the NFL. Doing something like this Brett Favre might have won the championship this season.