Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Tebow Moment No. 6: 20/20

Tim Tebow's college football career has mere days remaining. All this week, a look back at the Top 10 defining moments of his career.

If there was a shorthand to Tim Tebow's individual dominance -- particularly in his jaw-dropping, Heisman-winning sophomore season in 2007 -- it was "20/20."

En route to becoming the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman Trophy, Tebow became the first player in major college football history to throw for 20 TDs AND run for 20 TDs.

He actually obliterated that: In the regular season, he threw for 29 TDs and ran for 22. (Check out the amazing video below, which captures all 51 TDs in one ridiculous mash-up.) He broke the 20/20 barrier against Florida Atlantic in the 11th game of the season.

Tebow finished with 32 TDs passing and 23 rushing, at the time a D-1 record for QBs. In a nice bit of symbolism, Tebow also set a record for rushing and passing for a TD in every game that season -- which would continue into 2008.

Statistically, Tebow's 2007 season was arguably the most dominant any player -- let alone any quarterback -- has had in the modern history of college football. And it was a testament to his potential that he did it in his first season as a starting QB.

Tebow's career would have plenty of highlights -- particularly leading Florida to the 2008 national title. But if you want a snapshot of Tebow's individual brilliance as a college football player, 2007 and "20/20" was it.

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