Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Tebow Moment No. 5: The Virgin

Tim Tebow's college football career has mere days remaining. All this week, a look back at the Top 10 defining moments of his career.

Clay Travis: "Are you saving yourself for marriage?"

Tim Tebow: "Yes I am."

No single moment captured the mania that would be attached to Tim Tebow in 2009 like the one at the insane SEC Media Days when Clay Travis asked Tim Tebow, tactfully in my opinion, about whether he was a virgin.

Mainstream media acted like Travis did something horrible. But Tebow's own reaction -- as comfortable in his own skin as ever, as directed by clarity of mind as ever -- affirmed that the question was entirely reasonable.

Tebow has always made his religious values a centerpiece to his persona -- remember, Tebow's own priorities are, in this order: Faith, Family, Academics, Football. He wears those values on his eye-black. He wears them on his sleeve.

Remember what Tebow said immediately following his response, when the rest of the media was absolutely befuddled at how to proceed:

"I think y'all are stunned right now. Y'all can't even ask a question. Look at this. The first time ever. Wow. I was ready for the question; I don't think y'all were, though."

So it was a fair question to ask -- interestingly, the more shocking answer would be if he had NOT been saving himself for marriage. Because of Tebow's core consistency, it was a simple question with a simple answer.

Here's how I put it at the end of my post immediately after the interaction, which might have been my single favorite post I have ever written for TimTeblog.com:

"Talking about his virginity doesn't faze Tebow. And it shouldn't faze the rest of us. We should all have the kind of equanimity that comes with the clarity of living Tebow enjoys."

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  1. After the SEC game I knew we would receive a bit of razing from .. well everyone. We are Gator fans living in Alabama. I have 3 daughters elementary, middle and high school
    My 13 year old went to school after the SEC loss and was teased by a boy in her class that Tim Tebow was a virgin. Her response?

    "Like your not?"

    I could hardly contain myself when she told me. We believe it is God's best for you to wait, but I wasn't sure how my girls would handle thier own personal culture wars. I guess the middle schooler can hold her own!!!

    It's funny but that boy won't sit next to her in class anymore!!