Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tim Tebow Extravaganza via NOLA.com

The crackerjack staff at the New Orleans Times-Picayune asked an all-star cast of experts to weigh in on Tim Tebow as he prepares for the Sugar Bowl, his college football finale. It's as extensive and comprehensive an encomium as I have ever seen.

Among the group: Archie Manning, Tony Barnhart, Mike DiRocco, Chris Fowler, Furman Bisher, Billy Cannon, Chris Dufresne, Bruce Feldman, Joe Schad, Lane Kiffin, Mark Richt, Mike Slive... and this guy who edits a site called TimTeblog.com.

Let me showcase it, in the style of movie posters that feature glowing reviews:

"S-T-U-D. Stud!" (Jon Gruden)
"World-class leader!" (Archie Manning)
"He is the 'real deal!'" (Dan Johnson)
"Transcended the game of football!" (Tony Barnhart)
"Gladly gave so much of himself off the field!" (Mike DiRocco)
"No player has been more universally respected!" (Ron Higgins)
"What sets him apart is the way he's won!" (Chris Fowler)
"Unique way of tackling his tacklers!" (Billy Cannon)
"Cross between Steve Young and a young bull from Pamplona!" (Chris Dufresne)
"Almost always found a way!" (Bruce Feldman)
"He'll go on to win Super Bowls!" (Lane Kiffin)
"Offered genuine smiles!" (Joe Schad)
"Extraordinary young man by any definition!" (Mike Slive)
"He has been a joy to watch!" (John Adams)
"Passion that's infectious!" (Chris Low)
"Gave his all for every inch of yardage!" (Jim Kleinpeter)
"Runs like a fullback, throws like Namath!" (Mickey Andrews)
"Will to win!" (Blair Kerkhoff)
"Kind of player I don't think we've seen before!" (Mark Richt)
"Ever be anyone quite like him again!" (Vince Dooley)
"Makes Google tremble! Foils TMZ!" (Dan Shanoff)

Check out the whole thing here.

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