Friday, December 11, 2009

Tebow T-Shirts: Alabama Mocking Cont'd

Presented without comment, but making the rounds this week:
h/t: Sporting News


  1. There is such thing as karma. As much as I would to root for an SEC team to win the Natl championship, I cannot find it in my heart to root for the arrogant and disrespectful Alabama Team.Go Texas Longhorns, put Bama to shame.

  2. I believe in karma, and I hope it comes back to bite Alabama in the ass.

    I don't know if I will be watching that game.
    But I do hope that Texas wins. Go Longhorns!

  3. As I have said to the numerous moronic Bama fans I have encountered in my daily travels.."HOOK EM HORNS!"..I usually pull for SEC also..however, in this instance, it is not happening. The immaturity and lack of class precludes this football fan for rooting for the Tide. Sorry...that is just the way the football tosses. The hits to Tim since the game have been merciless and beyond ignorant. Give me a man with passion, heart and love for his game any day. I *heart* Tim Tebow and can't wait to follow him to wherever he goes to play pro football.

  4. The University of Alabama would never make a shirt like that especially in that RED - that is not our color. Crimson and white are our colors not RED. We like Tebow and think he is a class act, no one associated with the actual university of alabama had anything to do with that shirt

  5. Tim Tebow is a whiny little B*TCH!! ROLL TIDE!!!