Friday, December 4, 2009

Recommended Tebow Reads for SECCG Eve

If you're like me and the hours are creeping along today in anticipation of tomorrow's games, here are a few links to some great Tebow-related stuff I've spotted over the past 24 hours:

*Pics of Tebow practicing at the Georgia Dome (Andrea Adelson, Orlando Sentinel)

*Tim Tebow: SEC's Greatest Player Ever? (Jeremy Fowler, Sentinel)

*Tim Tebow leaves it his heart on the field (ABC News)

*It's Getting Close to "Tebow Time" (Chris Low,

*"Morning Joe" on Tim Tebow (me at Mediaite, h/t Swamp Things)

*Verne Lundquist's Tebow Era (Clay Travis, Fanhouse)

*The Gospel According to Tebow (The War Eagle Reader)

*An appreciation of Tim Tebow (National Football Post)

*Tebow's legacy (PBP's Ben Volin, from last week, but I hadn't linked to it and it's a terrific piece of reporting.)

And, finally:

*The Tim Tebow SEC Championship Drinking Game (viral)

You know you have made it when there is a drinking game in your honor.


  1. What about this?

  2. Wow, I like this quote from the intern in the ABC news article who was inspired to emulate Tebow:

    "I see myself thinking about ways to better myself," he said. "They're definitely going to miss that person that makes you want to be better."