Friday, November 27, 2009

Tebow Swamp Finale: Those Uniforms

I buy an absurd amount of Gator gear, and I would be inclined to buy the Tebow version of the one-time-only Nike Pro Combat jersey... if only they used it in the meaningless quasi-scrimmage versus FIU, rather than Tebow's final game at The Swamp.

I am progressive about a lot of things, but on this point, I am a traditionalist: I would have liked to see Tim go out in the classic blue uniform, and out of mild protest, I won't be buying the alternate jersey.

(I think he would, too, but he's being a good corporate partner -- perhaps with an idea in the back of his head about the major endorsement deal he will get from Nike the morning after his eligibility ends in the bowl game.)

And so I will save my money for Tebow's first NFL jersey. I'm sure Reebok and the Jaguars-Patriots-Redskins-Raiders-Whoever will be happy to hear that.

(And yet... OK: If Tebow has some kind of crazy game in the jersey -- a Heisman moment or two, some kind of wild statistical day -- I could be compelled to buy it. After all, it IS the edition of his jersey for his final game in The Swamp, right? Must... resist... urge...)


  1. I'll be getting the pro combat 15 jersey in homage, rather than denying myself through protest (even though i too would rather see the classic blue).

    Also, the pro combat jerseys are sold out till 2010 by all accounts.... it really is difficult to get Tebow jerseys in the UK!!

    Go Gators!

  2. I'm still waiting for the '06 throwback jerseys. The helmets are all over the internet, but I can't find the classic jerseys anywhere...