Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tebow Sunday Must-Read: Forde on Finale

Great column by's Pat Forde on Tim Tebow's Swamp finale, including a great superlative: "Most impactful player in college football history." True enough. Money quote:

None of us has seen anything like it. What makes Tebow unique in the 140-year history of this game is not just his unquenchable spirit. It's his generosity of spirit.

The numbers and awards are all impressive and voluminous, but they're not what have made the quarterback a historic figure in Florida and beyond. That's due to the winning attributes, the leadership qualities, the endless acts of charity performed off the field, the ability to graciously lead a heavily scrutinized life.

You just don't find all those things in a single college-aged package.

Forde overplays how "polarizing" Tebow is -- as I have said before, one of the most remarkable things about Tim Tebow is, in fact, how few real Tebow-haters there are out there. Even opponents' fans express more begrudging respect than anything resembling "hate."

Regardless, Forde has put together a definitive take on Tebow's finale. Definitely worth your time today to read.

More worthwhile reads from/about Tebow's Swamp finale:

*'s Andy Staples: "Whether you consider him genuine or fake, Tebow, at the end of the day, is a Heisman Trophy-, SEC- and BCS-title winning quarterback who goes to class, goes to church and circumcises people less fortunate than him. More people should be so intolerable."

*Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley: "There was a lot of hugging going on in The Swamp on this perfect Saturday night. Until, of course, Tebow got to the section of the stadium where the FSU band stood. They began to give him the chop. He responded with a chomp."

*Orlando Sentinel's Andrea Adelson: "People were lined up 20 deep, waiting for the sirens to signal the team bus had arrived. They turned over garbage cans and stood on top of them, climbed metal gates and sat on them for a better view. One person asked, 'Should I climb that tree?'"

*Fanhouse's David Whitley: "All he did for the past four years is behave himself, get good grades, work harder, win more, care more and inspire more people than any player we'll ever see."

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