Monday, November 23, 2009

Tebow Knows: Will Urban Meyer Leave Florida?

"When he's ready to retire and he's done, which I don't think is now -- I don't think it will be for awhile -- I don't think he'll be at Notre Dame. I don't think that's anything he'll do now...I don't think that really interests him. I think he's enjoying his time here."

-- Tim Tebow at today's press conference, on the speculation that Urban Meyer would leave Florida -- for Notre Dame or anywhere else. (At his Monday presser, Meyer flatly rejected the idea he would go to Notre Dame.)

Not to parse too finely, but note Tebow's use of "now," which implies that some day, he will leave Florida for another job. Tebow knows Meyer as well as anyone outside of Meyer's own family. Don't discount Tebow's analysis.

Although I don't think that Meyer will leave Florida for another college job -- but that's not to say he will never coach another college team:

Tebow's phrasing dovetails with my longstanding theory that Urban Meyer will coach another 4-5 years at Florida, then Meyer will be hired by Patriots owner Bob Kraft to replace Bill Belichick when Belichick retires.

As if that theory wasn't enough for you: Meyer will coach the Patriots in the NFL for 6-7 years, then finish his coaching career by signing the largest coaching deal in college football history with Notre Dame. He will be just 57 years old when he finally gets to Notre Dame.


  1. Usually, once you head coach in the NFL for 6-7 years, you don't come back to college. Only the failures come back to college (looking at you, Pete Carroll, Dennis Erickson, Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Bill Callahan, Lane Kiffin, etc). That said, do you think Urban would fail with the Patriots?

  2. I disagree about the now comment. I think it was a reference to the fact that he almost did, and may have gone to Notre Dame last time, if the cards had fallen a bit different.

  3. Shanoff-freude: When Ohio native Urban Meyer replaces Jim Tressel at Ohio State sometime around 2016/2017.