Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Tebow Girlfriend" Now On

One of the most interesting details of Tim Tebow Mythology is that whenever he is seen in a circulated photo with a woman, the immediate question is: "Tebow girlfriend?"

Go ahead: Check Google Trends. "Tebow girlfriend" is a consistent traffic-driver. (Even if the woman in the photo is not, in fact, Tim Tebow's girlfriend.)

There is one photo, in particular, that gets a ton of mileage. It turns out the woman's name is Erin Drewes and she is now on in Tim Tebow body paint... and that's about all.

I'm not going to put the photo up here. You can click through here to see it if you're curious (via Sports By Brooks). I personally find the whole thing pretty ludicrous.

In an odd way, you have to admire Ms. Drewes for turning a fleeting moment of Internet fame into a full-fledged photo spread via Playboy.

Let's reiterate: This is not Tim Tebow's girlfriend. Ms. Drewes was never Tim Tebow's girlfriend. As far as anyone knows, Tim Tebow does not have a girlfriend right now. It's just myth.

Now, the UAA would like a word about the use of "Tebow" on the back of her... um... "jersey."

(Upon further review, commenters on SbB seem to think that the woman in the photos isn't the same as Drewes, the woman in the famous "Tebow girlfriend" picture. So someone is merely exploiting Tim Tebow's name and number to promote some random nude model. Classy.)

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