Friday, November 6, 2009

Tebow Farewell Tour: Vanderbilt

Every week marks one more farewell for Tim Tebow. Against an opponent. In a rival SEC town. He is a one-man Farewell Tour. Games to go: 6

Tomorrow, Tebow will play Vanderbilt one last time -- and his 3rd-to-last game at the Swamp. Let's look back at Tebow's history vs. Vandy:

2006: It is hard to imagine, but as a freshman, Tebow hardly played against Vandy in a closer-than-expected game in Nashville (in '06, weren't they all closer-than-expected?) Tebow ran 6 times for 38 yards (with 0 TDs) and threw the ball 3 times, with 1 completion. He was basically a non-factor.

2007: Well into his Heisman season, Tebow put up Heisman-ish numbers in a 49-22 rout at The Swamp, accounting for 5 TDs (3 pass, 2 rush), thanks to an efficient 22/27 for 281 yards passing and 6 rushes for 35 yards. Tebow also set an SEC single-season record for rushing TDs by a QB. (Looking back now that the Herschel record is broken, how quaint.)

2008: Another 5-TD day for Tebow -- he led an overwhelming offensive attack that put up 35 points in the 1st half (3 TDs passing for Tebow, 2 TDs rushing), plus another TD shortly after the start of the 3rd quarter to put Florida up 42-0. Tebow sat after that, but not before passing for 171 yards (12-for-17) and rushing for 8 yards per carry (11 rushes, 88 yards).

There is nothing to suggest -- particularly given his effectiveness last week against Georgia -- that Tebow won't deliver another dominant performance against Vanderbilt tomorrow. Will he match the 5 TDs from each of the past two seasons? Won't say he can't.

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