Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tebow Draft Watch: Jim Kelly Approves

Just a couple days after Jimmie Johnson claimed Tebow couldn't work out as a pro-style NFL QB, Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly told USA Today that the Bills should re-build... around Tebow.

I like Trent personally. He works hard. But he's had three years. It's time to find somebody who is the future of the Buffalo Bills. If I'm the owner, that's what I'm thinking. Whether it's Tim Tebow, whether they'll have a shot at him when draft time comes ... you have to look at the top three quarterbacks in the draft, really study them. And you look for a guy with good character, good leadership ability and good arm strength — and a guy who doesn't come from California.

It's not incompatible with what Johnson suggested -- that Tebow could play in the NFL, but would need a system tailored to his strengths.

The Bills should absolutely consider re-building around Tebow. Will they be willing to try a revamped offense that plays to Tebow's strengths? (Having a new coach who buys into that will help.) Consider how revolutionary it seemed when Kelly ran the no-huddle for Buffalo.

The Bills, by the way, have nothing to lose by trying an entirely new offensive system. It's not like they're going to the Super Bowl anytime soon under the current system.

(To answer Kelly's question: Based on current mock drafts, the Bills -- who will draft in the Top half of the Draft... if not the Top 10 -- should have a shot at drafting Tebow. If they feel like rolling the dice, they may even get a shot at him in the early 2nd... but, as I have said before, I wouldn't let the Pats get a chance at him in the late 1st.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled "Tebow Swamp Finale" programming. Check out any of the 11 posts from the past two days, with more to come between now and Saturday.

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