Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tim Tweetbow: Tebow Tweet of the Day

The definitive Tebow-related Tweet of the Day, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:
@osgators: Nothing will be official till Saturday, but the buzz is leaning toward #Tebow playing barring no concussion aftereffects.
What are we talking about here? A couple plays? A couple series? Will he be expected to run? Will the game scenario -- close, blowout, Brantley struggling (turnovers or ineffectiveness) -- matter?

UPDATE: More, per Fowler and the Sentinel:

"But the feeling among the team seems to be growing that Tebow will be medically cleared to play. After that, a tough decision must be made."

I'll stick with this: Play him only in the most dire of circumstances of Brantley's failure -- which I don't think will occur, given the way the system will hedge against his problems.

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