Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tim Tebow's Worst Game Ever

That was Tim Tebow's worst game ever.

That is the bad news from last night's Mississippi State game.

He threw the ball poorly, with mediocre efficiency and inconsistent decision-making. He wasn't effective running the ball in the red zone. And -- oh -- those two "pick-6s."

(This is fairly unimportant, but it is fair to say that Tebow's Heisman hopes been derailed -- if not eliminated completely, as there is still 6 games left in the regular season + SEC title game.)

Here's truly how bad the game was for Tebow: He did not speak to the media after the game, for the first time in his career (at least as a starter).

If that isn't the ultimate symbol of his most frustrating game as a QB, I don't know what is.

Here is the good news: The Gators won the game -- in the end, decisively. This was no Arkansas-style close-call.

And, despite the ignominy of the two interceptions returned for TDs, Tim Tebow tied Herschel Walker's SEC record for career rushing TDs -- which he can break next week versus Georgia.

But -- make no mistake -- this was as bad a game as there has ever been for Tim Tebow.

And yet the Gators still won, in an insanely hostile road environment, against a team that had maximum advantage in terms of Xs and Os understanding of Tebow and Florida's offense.

What a dichotomy.

Complete analysis of all of the topics listed above coming tomorrow and throughout the week. Suffice to say, Tebow needs to shake this one off and start preparing for Georgia.


  1. Addazio needs to be stripped of his play calling duties. His entire playbook consists of: dive play, fake bubble screen + tebow middle, fake pitch (which I have never seen them run this year) + tebow middle, tebow stuffed up the middle, and pass (for which the line can't pass block long enough to allow Tebow to throw). UF is 110% predicatable on offense.
    There are major, major problems on this offense...and it seems Tebows is regressing with his decision making. He needs to learn when to give up on a play and not potentially risk 30 yard sacks and also learn when to take a sack instead of throwing a 100 yd. pick-6.
    Long rant, but this is 1 very disgruntled Gator fan.

  2. I agree that Addazio needs to go. I could have made better goal line play calls(when pinned on our goal line and on their 1 yd line) Why were we throwing out of our own end zone when we had the lead with 4 minutes to go?? Why did we line Tebow up on the 6 yd line on 3rd and goal on the 1 when I'm sure he could go under center and get the 1 yard. Inside the 5 yard line with 2 of the fastest RBs in the country and we don't even try a stretch play.... I know Tebow can run the ball but so does the defense, and that's the play they're going to try to stop every time. There were plenty of other play calls I could mention, but those are the ones that ensure me that Addazio needs to go.

  3. Regarding Addazio, whether he's at fault or not, one thing's for sure -- the offensive line is struggling. That's his duty, and it has been struggling ever since SEC season started. If he's having a difficult time wearing two hats, he needs to say so and let Meyer figure things out from there.

    FWIW, someone said Billy Gonzalez is responsible for the red-zone play calling, which is our biggest area of concern. If true, obviously something needs to change there.

    I have faith that Coach Meyer will figure things out. He has done so in 2006 and 2008 (2007 was just an issue of a very young defense.) Remember Chris Leak and the Gators looked entirely different in the SECCG and BCS Championship game compared to how they played in the regular season. Also last year, the Gators struggled until Meyer figured out Rainey's and Demps's roles. Meyer has proven he can fix things if they need fixing.

  4. I honestly feel that it's only because it was against his old coach. I mean, those two were so close for a very long time. And Timmy even said that it was going to be very difficult for him to forget that he is playing against someone he really cares about and respects.