Friday, October 9, 2009

Tebow vs. LSU: Will He Play?

Will Tim Tebow play? With a little less than 36 hours until kickoff in Baton Rouge, this has become THE story of the game.

Here's what we know -- or think we know:

*Tebow will be cleared to play.

*Urban Meyer won't decide IF Tebow will play until kickoff -- or, in my opinion, well into the game, when he can see if Tebow absolutely MUST play.

*Florida's complementary parts -- the defense, the special teams, the RBs -- are enough to beat LSU at LSU with John Brantley as QB.

I think that Meyer will NOT play Tebow if he can help it.

Here is a very interesting analysis by the Palm Beach Posts's Ben Volin summarizing the 9 reasons Brantley will play -- and should play -- and why Tebow won't and shouldn't.

And here is my Sporting News column from this morning about why Florida won't need to go to Tebow, which brings up all sorts of interesting postscripts of its own next week.

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