Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tebow Sunday Morning Update

There was no Gator game yesterday, obviously, but most avid Gator fans were probably paying close attention the the LSU-Georgia game in Athens, which -- until the final 4 minutes -- was hardly a match-up of two powerful teams.

Yes: LSU on the road during the day is not nearly the same team as LSU at home at night. But after watching LSU the past two weeks, they have not looked like a Top 5 team (or even a Top 10 team) and certainly have not looked like a team that can beat Florida -- with or without Tebow.

"With or without Tebow": This is key. From the way LSU has looked -- plus the things we know about the strength of this Florida team without Tebow (the best-in-nation defense, the best-in-nation RB platoon, the best-in-nation special teams), that feels like enough to supplement a solid (if not spectacular) game from Brantley next Saturday night.

My prediction is that -- no matter how "ahead of schedule" Tim Tebow might be -- I cannot imagine that Florida doctors will clear him at "100 percent," which by definition means that he is as healthy (and ready for persistent Tebow-like contact and play-calling) as he was before the concussion. They might clear him to play, but I imagine they would be holding their breath any time Tebow took a snap. (Does that sound like "100 percent" confidence to you?)

I think that -- like Harvin vs. Alabama in the SEC title game last year -- conservatism will rule...

...Especially as the coaching staff gets more bullish on the idea that this team -- this team -- is so good that they can go into Death Valley and beat LSU... with John Brantley as the QB.

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