Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tebow Must-Read: "Don't Count Him Out"

Jeremy Fowler of the Sentinel with today's must-read about Tebow, a blog post that delves into a little (appropriate) pop psychology about Tebow's state of mind.

It all hubs around this quote from Tebow:
"I think it could possibly be a good thing," said Tebow about the offensive struggles. "It could give us a little bit of an edge of, 'Hey, we haven't arrived. We still have a lot of work to do.' That's something to really motivate us."
Key points from Fowler:

*"You've got to think Tebow is fired up beyond comprehension right now. Every time he's been doubted, he's responded."

*"In his last year of a storied career, I have a hard time Tebow is going out like the new version of Craig Krenzel, methodically managing the gmae with the occasional touchdown pass or run."

*"I think he's got some spark left. Not like last year's team -- those comparisons should be buried, because this simply isn't the same team -- but just some consistency...."

Worth your time to read.

Although I do disagree with one point Fowler makes. That follow-up is coming at 3 p.m....

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