Friday, October 30, 2009

Tebow Links for a Friday Afternoon

Some great must-reads about all things Tim Tebow -- as if my deconstruction of Lil Wayne's Tebow name-check earlier today wasn't enough...

*Chris Brown from Smart Football and a fellow regular contributor to Yahoo's Dr. Saturday has an incredible post breaking down Florida's issues with pass protection. You'll feel smarter reading it.

*Clay Travis of Fanhouse on Tebow vs. Herschel Walker.

*Ben Volin from the Palm Beach Post polls some Heisman voters and gets some feedback on Tebow. Money quote: "If he puts up mediocre stats, but no one else emerges, I’ll vote Tebow."

*Wright Thompson from with an incredible story -- perhaps the definitive story -- on Billy Cannon, who was, arguably, the Tim Tebow of his time.

(Psst: I'm trying to get Thompson to file something special for about the comparison between Cannon and Tebow. If so, I will post as soon as I get something.)

All four are great ways to kill your Friday afternoon, getting ready for tomorrow afternoon.

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