Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tebow Leads The Thundercats

I love Jo Goodman's description from a few weeks ago of Florida's offense as "Thundercat" (rather than "Wildcat").

And he checks back in on it -- actually, reality-checks back in on it: Things aren't as dire as the naysayers are projecting.

Yes, the red-zone efficiency is not what it was last year. (One of the pillars of Meyer's "Plan to Win.") The turnovers are a problem. (Another pillar.) The sacks allowed are a big issue.

But, otherwise, things are clicking. Tim Tebow was right yesterday: Take away the takeaways and the margin of victory is substantially wider. (The same can be said about the Tennessee game.)

Goodman has a breakdown of all the relevant step-back-from-the-ledge stats, but this paragraph summed it up:

"Must the Gators rely on Tebow to win games? Obviously, yes. Should they? Absolutely. Is he not one of the greatest college football players in the history of the game? OK, so don't complain when the guy goes out and wins games."


  1. Yes, people shouldn't complain about Florida relying on Tebow to win. What team doesn't rely on their QB consistently? Isn't that what he's there for?

    But, you can't just wipe away turnovers and say the team is playing great. The fact is they ARE turning it over, which a great team shouldn't do so much. Obviously correctable...

  2. I think people are missing the real problems. The real problems are our runners (outside of Tebow)..

    And that our defense is not creating turnovers like they did all last season. Our opponents are creating turnovers this season rather than our defense.

    People are also forgetting that Tebow had a concussion. So our offensive gameplan has had to change slightly for the last 2 games. LSU didn't really capitalize on it. Arkansas learned form their mistake.