Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tebow Injury Update: New Video of Hit

This likely won't be up long, but this new field-level camera angle (presumably from the stands) made its way to YouTube. SEC likely to yank it shortly, but for now, here it is. (via Buster Sports)

The Buster Sports take seems to indicate this angle makes the hit look worse -- disagree. The original ESPN replay angles provided a clearer angle than this. Doesn't make it any less disturbing.


  1. what you can cleary see from this angle though, is the kentucky player looking down at tebow aon the ground and then going off to celebrate with his teammates...asshohle

  2. I agree.. it would be bad enough even if the game was close.. but considering the game was supposed to be "out of reach" it especially makes me sick. Not to mention it wasn't even really the hit.. it was Tebow's own players knee that did the real damage. But I guess if they need something to celebrate that bad then they have got serious problems. It especially sucks though because Kentucky injured Tebow his Heisman winning year too. And I thought they were playing dirty then too.