Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tebow Gameday: Cocktail Party Finale

This will be Tim Tebow's fourth and final Cocktail Party against Georgia. Freshman year was a win. Sophomore year was the infamous end-zone stomping. Junior year was Revenge.

And senior year?

First, it will be about winning the game. Second -- and not unrelated -- it will be about getting the offense back on track in the red zone. And that might just mean less Tebow, not more.

From today's Gainesville Sun game preview:

One change we might see is less Tebow running in the red zone. He's has been UF's No. 1 weapon inside the 10-yard line throughout his career, but defenses are loading up the line of scrimmage and waiting for him now. He was stuffed on the goal line several times in last Saturday's game.

Addazio said it may be time for the tailbacks (and others) to share the load. It worked against Mississippi State in the fourth quarter. Tebow lined up under center and handed off to Chris Rainey, who ran untouched into the end zone from 8 yards out.

"We have some really good football players, and we want to utilize them," Addazio said. "We want our tailbacks to carry the ball down there more. We trust those guys.

The proof will be in the play-calling, particularly on that first series inside Georgia's 10:

*Tebow as ball-carrier... or Demps-Rainey-Moody?

*Tebow in shotgun... or under center?

*Touchdown... or field goal?

*Heisman afterthought... or Heisman re-contender?

Again, I'm predicting a huge breakthrough game for Florida and Tim Tebow. TDs in the red zone. Plenty of effective passing. Scoring galore (at least, by Florida -- I expect the Gators' D to be as lights-out as it has been all season). And Tebow re-emerging as a Heisman contender.

Haven't felt this confident since before the Kentucky game -- wow, it's been a long month.

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