Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heisman Watch: Tebow Still Leads Poll

I can't remember the last time a "game manager" QB won the Heisman -- but Tim Tebow is going to make a run at it. Tebow still leads the straw poll of voters -- obviously, his performance against LSU defied statistics and was more about the kind of mythology that Heisman voters seem to like.

That said: Still feels like Colt McCoy, No. 2 this week with a slim lead over -- sigh -- obligatory Notre Dame QB [Jimmy Clausen], is the guy to beat. McCoy's performance against Oklahoma on Saturday could be make-or-break.

(Of note: Nebraska DT Ndamkong Suh entered the Top 5, with two 1st-place votes. This is no Charles Woodson situation, where a defensive player goes both ways to curry favor with Heisman voters; Suh is simply dominant on the D-line. I could see Tebow -- as a Heisman voter himself -- appreciating the low-hype, high-bulldozing value of Suh as "best player in college football.")

If stats do matter -- and I would argue that Heisman voters would have to nullify big stats as a requirement if they are to keep rationalizing Tebow as the No. 1 contender -- this weekend should help Tebow. Despite his new role as "game manager" QB, Tebow should have a much bigger day offensively against Arkansas' porous defense than he did against LSU.

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  1. Please stop it with this "game manager" crap. You don't account for 70-80% of the offense as the "game manager".