Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. Kenny Mayne: Funnymen

When Tim Tebow does interviews -- either in a press conference setting or maybe a magazine sit-down -- you don't really get a sense of his sense of humor... even if he has one. (You have to believe that he has one, if only to chuckle at the absurdity of the frenzy around him.)

It takes a funny interviewer to bring out Tebow's inner comedian, and Kenny Mayne got the job done in this ESPN the Mag interview (subscribers-only). The PBP's Ben Volin pulled out the best quotes, and I wanted to highlight a couple I found most revealing about Tebow's sense of humor:

Mayne: The lack of privacy your generation faces is unbelievable. Does it ever get unbearable?

Tebow: There are pros and cons. You have a great platform to influence people. But sometimes you’d like to go to dinner or play golf without having people waiting when you get off the course. I just look at it as a pro and realize I have an opportunity and a responsibility to be a good role model for kids and give them someone to look up to. That’s my goal.

KM: So what you’re saying is you can’t run a methamphetamine lab?

TT: That phase was more during my freshman year of high school. I got out of it by junior year.

KM: What’s your opinion on homeschooling, since you went that route?

TT: The methamphetamine route?

KM: Wow. I had no idea you’d be so liberal.

The "that phase" line was pretty good! Here's another exchange:

KM: Did you consider being homeschooled for the University of Florida as well?

TT: It’s only an hour and 15 minutes away. I did think, You know what? I can make the drive every day. It wouldn’t be too bad.

KM: Is there a fear when you’re homeschooled that you won’t turn out like other kids?

TT: There wasn’t for me. I was blessed with four older brothers and sisters and a great mom and dad. But I also never strove to be like the other kids. Too many kids try to fit in instead of believing in something and standing alone. If you do that, other kids will be drawn to you. Being homeschooled also allowed me to push myself in areas I wanted to excel in and develop time-management skills. That helped when I got to college and had to balance tutoring, studying and football.

KM: I feel like you mocked my question with that answer.

TT: I didn’t really want to answer, so I was kind of running in circles around it.

KM: Are you keeping up your grades?

TT: They’re not getting too bad.

KM: Ever have a time when the professor said something, and you replied, “Well my mother says …”?

TT: Like in The Waterboy? “Medulla oblongata.” No, I never really say that.

Subtle question evasion? Check. Pop-culture reference? Check.

Tebow also talks about the famous girl next to him in the picture when you Google "Tim Tebow girlfriend"; his travels abroad and growing up on a farm.

Leave it to Kenny Mayne to produce one of the best interviews with Tim Tebow of the year.

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