Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Pete Carroll

"Look, I think Tim Tebow is fabulous, but it seems like just yesterday we were having exactly the same discussion about Matt Leinart and along comes Texas and Vince Young. It can all change in the blink of an eye, so I think we have to let it all play out before we evaluate careers.

-- USC coach Pete Carroll, on the "Is-Tebow-Best-Ever?" talk, which -- agreed -- probably should* be tabled until the season is over and all these "IF he wins another title..." or "IF he goes undefeated..." or "IF he finishes as a Heisman finalist..." things become "DID he..."

The quote came from a Washington Times piece today on "Is Tebow the best ever?" -- *accept it: he is in the conversation, in real-time, and that makes it irresistible to talk about. (The piece leads with Kirk Herbstreit's great "Roy Hobbs" quote about his first experience with Tebowmania, on Tebow's 4th-and-2 vs. LSU at The Swamp in 2006.)

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