Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Alligator Army

"Looking at the final season of Tebow's college career, those of us who attended Florida or are students are attached to him as more than just our quarterback. When Tebow plays or when his service projects are publicized, we're not a party school or the 47th school in the country. We don't have to worry about budget cuts or the skyrocketing cost of living in Gainesville. All that matters is that we have the best damn college football player of the last 30 years."

-- mimintampa of the essential Florida blog Alligator Army, on not just Tebow as a key component of Florida's pursuit of "Pasadena," but the pride Tebow brings his fans.

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  1. Which is why all the Cane fans in South Florida want him to screw up. His failure is Gator Nation's failure. Unfair to put that on a kid.