Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tebow Knocked Out of Florida Win

Whoa. The day began with big concerns about Tebow's health.

The day ends with bigger concerns about Tebow's health.

In the first shocking minutes after Tebow was hit -- as he laid on the field, motionless -- I defy anyone, Tebow fan or not, to not admit to freaking out.

I am not sure I have ever felt a sense of relief watching a sports event as great as when Tebow finally sat up and used his arms to adjust his helmet. He was moving.

But it was clear he had a concussion -- for now, let's hope that is the extent of it, and X-rays show no injuries to his neck.

It was surreal to watch him sitting in a daze on the sidelines. And it was -- no pun intended -- nauseating to see him carted off the field, vomiting into a red garbage bag.

The final image: Tebow through the back window of an ambulance, being taken to the hospital.

The Gators won the game. It felt like an afterthought, as did Tebow's 2 rushing TDs, to bring him within 1 TD of Herschel Walker's SEC record for career rushing TDs.

More news and analysis as it becomes available (the Twitter feed of Only Gators is as good of a real-time resource as anything), but -- suffice to say -- it is the story of college football this weekend.

UPDATE: If Urban Meyer is concerned, he isn't letting it show. In the post-game conference, he is calling it a concussion and saying Tebow will be back, no worries: "I think he will be alright."

UPDATE 2: Urban is going to the hospital, where Tebow will stay for observation.

UPDATE 3: Eyewitness account from Smart Football's Chris, via Twitter:

"Was at UK-UF game. Saw Tebow puke from field. Should have taken him to hospital right away for precaution. (Think of Liam Neeson's wife.)"

That Natasha Richardson note should give folks nightmares.

Video here (until it gets yanked down):


  1. Looks like your black swan showed up in the form of Wyndham.

  2. Ky. fans showed their utter classlessness when they cheered loudly while he lay there immobile. Never disliked that fanbase before now. Now, I hope they lose every damned game.

  3. I'm not gonna lie, that shit looked scary.

    And then he just rose from the dead just like...