Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mythic Tebow: Pushing Boomer Hornbeck

Another entry for "Mythic Tebow": In pre-game warm-ups, Tebow was pushing wheelchair-bound Boomer Hornbeck -- a 7-year-old with cerebral palsy -- around the field.

This was not a stunt. This was not for publicity. This was not Tebow pushing -- no pun intended, honest -- any sort of agenda. This is simply community service.

Or, as Urban Meyer put it: "Typical Tim" (which I am going to adopt as a shorthand for this sort of thing.

Said Tebow: "It was so cool to see the look on Boomer’s face. It was a special moment for him. He'll remember it and that's what's meaningful."

When I say that even the worst sentiments about Tebow are closer to "begrudging respect" than "hate" (in all but the most extremist cases), this is precisely why:

Who can begrudge Tebow pushing a 7-year-old with cerebral palsy around the field during pre-game warm-ups? How can you not respect Tebow's interest in brightening this kid's life?

Only the most hopelessly cynical -- and it probably devolves past cynicism into some kind of deep self-loathing -- can look at that and find a problem with it.

It was Tebow's favorite highlight of the game -- and mine, too.

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