Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Florida Riding Tim Tebow Too Hard?

ESPN.com SEC blogger Chris Low is a multiple-times-per-day must-read (like this post from this morning). I do think he's a little premature in asking whether Florida is riding Tim Tebow too hard -- and whether the team can do it all the way through the SEC season to a national championship.

It's not that the receiving corps doesn't have a go-to guy -- that's Deonte Thompson, who missed the Tennessee game with a hamstring injury from the Troy game. With him in, the WR group is "up to Florida level," as Urban put it.

It's not that the Gators lack a go-to running back -- that's Jeff Demps, who established himself as a big-gain, TD-creating machine from Week 1, perhaps the most dangerous big-play RB in the country. It's just that he was beating back a 101-degree fever and flu vs. Tennessee.

And that doesn't even count TE Aaron Hernandez, who is arguably the top tight end in the country -- and perhaps the biggest of the Gators' big-play weapons. He, too, was fighting the flu on Saturday and saw VERY limited action.

Is the "Gators-relied-too-much-on-Tebow" meme overblown? I would call it an overreaction. Tebow did what he had to do -- carry the ball 24 times -- when the Gators were saddled with injuries and illness.

Was it ideal? Hardly. Did it get the job done? Yes. Will the team be infinitely better off with any/all three of those weapons back to full strength? Absolutely.

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