Thursday, August 27, 2009

"What Would Tim Tebow Do?" Night Cancelled!

As was obvious to anyone who knows even a smidgen about NCAA rules and Florida's interest in making sure that Tim Tebow's name and likeness aren't commercialized, the Fort Myers Miracle's "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" night was cancelled -- instead, they apparently held "What Would T.T. Do?" Night, which feels like a distinction without a difference, frankly.

The bigger result is that the Miracle got a ton of free publicity from their stunt, which is what every minor-league team strives for. Presumably, they will try again next summer, when Tim Tebow (the brand) has become professionalized.

(You must read Deadspin's take on this. Outstanding. And don't forget to check out With Leather's post about the event, complete with Tebow-Shanoff Photoshop goodness.)

UPDATE: Another must-read take on this, from Y! Sports Doc Saturday's Holly Anderson.

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