Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Would Define Tim Tebow's Legacy?

The Orlando Sentinel's excellent Andrea Adelson presents a fantastic debate-starter: What would define Tim Tebow's legacy more -- "The Promise" or an undefeated 2009 season?

An undefeated season would be something no other Florida player has ever done. It would put the Florida 2009 team in the conversation for greatest teams of all time, with Tebow as its frontman. And it would secure Tebow's legacy as the single greatest college football player of all time.

But "The Promise" will define him, if for no other reason than the idea that this season -- like the post-Ole Miss run last season -- is fueled by "The Promise." If there is ever a moment of relaxation this season, Tebow or Meyer or anyone can simply point to "The Promise."

Focus restored.

I agree with a few of the observers in Adelson's column: The Promise transcended Florida and became part of college football history. It was the sport's version of Joe Namath's Super Bowl III "guarantee." Because it resulted in a national title, it was arguably the most notable off-field moment in college football history, right up there with the (fictitious!) "Win one for the Gipper."

"The Promise" distilled everything there is to know about Tim Tebow the football player AND Tebow the person. Even how it is referred to -- "The Promise" -- sounds mythological, even evangelical.

The speech sparked a national title. It will be the foundation for a run at a second -- and college football immortality that would come with an unbeaten season and 2009 national title.

In the annals of Tebow Myth -- and they are extensive -- The Promise is the biggest and most important moment. An unbeaten season in 2009 is a direct offshoot of that Promise.

Verdict: Promise > Unbeaten 2009.

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  1. Okay, I WENT to Florida and you're starting to creep me out.