Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Joe Montana

"It's so hard to figure out how these people put together the criteria for what it takes to be drafted in the first round... You have to get under that center at least a little bit at some point in time."

-- Joe Montana, from his appearance on Dan Patrick's show yesterday, when asked about Tim Tebow's NFL prospects as a QB.

I disagree with Montana that Tebow has to take "pro-style" snaps in actual college game situations. There will be plenty of time for that -- and for teaching him that -- during pre-draft tutorials.

What would a handful of snaps under center this season -- even a couple of under-center snaps PER GAME -- do to change analyst opinion about Tebow's pro prospects at QB?

Oh, sure, it'll be a big story: "Tebow takes under-center snaps -- he's obviously trying to showcase for NFL scouts." It will mean nothing -- a nod, but mostly empty symbolism.

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